All-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" unites 21 organizations of searchers from 22 regions of Ukraine who work in the legal field and deal with the issues of search and reburial of the fallen soldiers, the restoration of military-memorial objects and Patriotic education of youth.

Only for 2013 NGO "Union "People's Memory" has held and participated in 313 search expeditions, 12 of which are international.

The geography of the international search works includes the countries of Europe - Germany, Poland, Hungary and CIS – Russia (international Watch "Luban" which being held in Leningrad region for 20 years, the first сommon search Watch in Chechnya, the International Memory Watch near Smolensk) and Belarus (Memory Watch near Vitebsk, on the banks of the Luchosa River, international Memory Watch in Brest, on the territory of the Brest fortress).

Among the search events taken place in Ukraine, one would like to mention Memory Watch at Sofievska elevations in Dnepropetrovsk region, the international search expedition "Mius-front" on the territory of "Saur-Mogila" kurgan in Donetsk, Memory Watch in Uman, International humanitarian search expedition "Cheremkha-2013", search Watch "Heirs of Victory" in Odessa, search Watch "Memory is alive!" Baryshevka district of Kiev region.

Public and scientific-research activity of NGO "Union "People's Memory"

Only in 2013 in Ukraine there were held two international conferences dedicated to the search movement. In March, in Kiev there was held an international conference of searchers "Memory is alive!" which gathered the searchers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

In the first half of 2014 there were held several significant events: on the 8th and 9th of May, in the exposition of NGO "Union "People's Memory", at the territory of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II, there took place Patriotic events dedicated to the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

There was presented an all-Ukrainian campaign "Ribbon of Memory", took place a solemn ceremony of handing over to the museum key fragments of the tank T-34-76 and the Mosin-Nagant M 1891/30 found by search organizations of NGO "Union ''People's Memory".

Within two days, on the 8th and 9th of May for all the visitors worked an exposition of historical artifacts and an exhibition of photos which demonstrated search work. To the Day of Memory and Grief, that is on the 22nd of June, was organized and held a round table "Ukraine's losses during the Second World War: statistics, truth, myths" in which participated leading scientists, researchers and historians.

On the 4th of June, in the Transcarpathian region there opened a monument to the Czechoslovak soldiers who deceased during the liberation of Kiev and a memorial sign as a remembrance of the fallen Hungarian soldiers during the First and Second World Wars.

Periodically, there are held scientific-practical conferences dedicated to search work, are embodied scientific methods of conducting field search works and unifications of reporting documentation.

There is implemented an international project "Bell of Memory" initiated and supported by the searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory".

From colored metal and brassy shell casings since the time of the Great Patriotic War one plans to cast a symbolic bell and from black metal, the base of the monument. By the searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory" there have already been gathered more than 3,500 kg of brass.

During the annual all-Ukrainian campaign "Save memory!", which is traditionally held from the 20th of April till the 8th of May, there were put in order about 30 military memorials. It is participated in by about 2000 volunteers, it is mostly young people who are not indifferent to their country's history; the youngest participant who worked hard together with everybody was 5.

19 October, 2013 there was held a solemn handover of more than 2500 exhibits of the Great Patriotic War to Dnepropetrovsk national historical museum named after D. I.Yavornitskiy. In June 2014, there were handed over 1220 exhibits of the Great Patriotic War to the state museums of Dnepropetrovsk city and Nerubaiskoye village of Odessa region.

According to specialists of the State Interdepartmental Commission on Affairs of perpetuation of memory of victims of war and political repression at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in 2013 about Ukraine at large there were found the remains of 1790 Soviet soldiers fallen at the fields of war. Out of them 1564 were found by the organizations which are in the staff of NGO "Union "People's Memory".

For the first half of the year of 2014 by NGO "Union "People's Memory" there have been found the remains of about 90 deceased soldiers.

The Great Victory over fascism in 1945 was gained by us at terrible cost.

Burden of losses came upon everybody: in every family someone has not returned from that terrible war.

Millions people went missing.

It is they who stayed at the battle fields – they are leading their last fight with oblivion.

It is their names that searchers return from obscurity.

For three years of their work, by the search organizations which are in the staff of NGO "Union "People's Memory" there have been found 3670 soldiers and officers of the Red Army who deceased during the Great Patriotic War.

There were identified 482 surnames of servicemen, found 87 families to whom 70 years later came a piece of news from their ancestors.

The museums of our country were handed over about 24 000 exhibits of the Great Patriotic War.

Thankfully to the work of searchers, the land of Ukraine was freed from74 740 explosive objects remained from that war.

In 2014, the work of the Union seriously changed, taking into account the political events in the country and conducting an anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and at its request, NGO "Union "People's Memory" along with the National Military-Historical Museum has begun the implementation of the Humanitarian mission "Black Tulip" ("Evacuation 200"), that is, search and exhumation of the bodies of the Ukrainian servicemen deceased in the ATO zone at the territories uncontrolled by the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. The mission began its work on the 3rd of September, 2014. It is on this day that to the ATO zone there was sent the first group of searchers consisting of 10 persons led by Head of NGO "Union "People's Memory".

For today (December, 2016) "Black Tulips" worked out for about 30 settlements and geographical points in the ATO zone, discovered and transported to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies the bodies of 170 or 175 Ukrainian servicemen.


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