Homecoming 75 years later after the war

The tanker who deceased near Smolensk was managed to be delivered to his Motherland, to Ukraine.
In Zhitomir region there is a small village called Lyubimovka.The population of this village is no more than three hundred people. Vitaly Vladimirovich Zinoviev is one of the locals.
   A tall strong man, who is already over 50 keeps his farming and finds the time to help his countrymen. Besides, the greater part of his life he has been trying to find out the destiny of his great grandfather, Grigory Antonovich Devyatko, who was a tanker and was missing in 1941. 
  For all this period of time the information was not much:  his great grandfather was a mechanic-driver who allegedly fought somewhere near Moscow, his combat vehicle was hit and he burned down. But where his grave is and if it generally exists no one could say. Deceased, that's all... By the way, with this version of the Grigory Devyatko’s death put up all his relatives, five nephews and two grandchildren. 
  And no longer than last week Vitaly Vladimirovich was being spoken about by the whole Lyubimovka: he received an unexpected piece of news that his great grandfather had been found. 
- I helped my friend about the household and did not even notice that my cell phone was discharged. Then we went for a smoke break. I switch on my cell phone and see 50 missed calls from my acquaintances and friends. The first thought was: something wrong has happened. Dialing the last incoming call, it was from our paramedic Valentina Vasilievna. And she tells me without a peep: Vitalik, where have you been?! There was a call from Kiev, the searchers have found your great grandfather and even were able to restore the circumstances of his death! Go to my place as quickly as you can! -  says Vitaliy. – Well, I was taken aback, how found, where found, who found?! What searchers? I ran to Valya's place just like a scalded cat. 
    Everything Vitaly Vladimirovich found out from his good acquaintance is that his great grandfather was found by the Russian searchers somewhere near Smolensk (the journalists of All-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" were shooting a plot about this story before).
    The remains have already been transferred to Kiev. And here, the Ukrainian searchers from All-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" want to meet with some of his relatives, to give back personal things of the soldier and tell the story of his death. 
 - During two weeks I have waited for the guys to come to our village. I could not find any piece. And finally this day has come. The guys brought a coffin with the remains of my great grandfather and gave me his personal identification mark and the documents proving that this is really my relative. Besides, the searchers said that it was not near Moscow, but near Smolensk where my great grandfather deceased. Indeed, his tank was hit, but he did not burn down alive, my great grandfather got out of the vehicle and fought a battle with the enemy. The guys say that around him there were shot cartridges, and beside two grenades. It turns out that he was firing back until the last. He failed to stay alive in this battle. And like this he had been laying in Smolensk land for 75 years. And now he has come back home, - says Vitaly Vladimirovich without hiding tears. 
   The burial of Grigory Devyatko took place on July 14th. This event was attended by most of Lyubimovka inhabitants. The priest held a memorial service, after which an honorable guard saluted in hero's honor. 
    Now, 75 years later, his relatives will be able to come to the grave and commemorate his memory.
    The searchers of All-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" were going home with a sense of fulfilled duty: our colleagues have found a soldier and identified his personality, and we were able to deliver him to the Motherland, having buried by all the canons and customs.