It has been led 43 soldiers to their last rout in Dnepropetrovsk region

All of them have been killed due to the cruel fighting for the keeping and expansion of the territory on the right bank of the Dnieper River in September-October 1943.
These 43 warriors found their peace in the Mosti village in the Dnipropetrovsk region. There were furious and bloody battles for that locality in those early years of the fall. The soldiers’ remains were found by the searchers of the Dnipropetrovsk group №1 HSG "Search-Dnepr" (UPO members of the "Union "National Memory") during the field research expeditions in 201-2015 years.
Someone was killed in a single trench, someone met his death in the funnel of the exploding whiz-bang and someone in his combat machine. Unfortunately, as it often happens, the names of the victims have not been established: they did not have any documents or identification markings. But we can say definitely that some of them were tankers of the 240th Tank Regiment – documents, which were found at the exhumation of the remains, testifies to this, - said a member of the search team №1 HSO "Search-Dnepr" Andrei Bizhko.
According to his words, it is possible that among others buried there are the soldiers of units and subunits of the 10th Guards Airborne Division, 213th Infantry Division, the 188th Infantry Division and other units of the 37th Army, the 7th Guards Army and other soldiers of the 2nd Ukrainian Front.