All-Ukrainian search military-memorial expedition “Liberation of Krivbass”

Day №1...
During the liberation of Dnepr region from German-Nazi invaders in 1944, the battles for the steading of Vysokiy of Sofievka district became a turning point of Nikopol-Krivoy Roh Offensive. At that moment, in the fierce fighting at this beachhead, the whole country's future fate hung in the balance. For two month of offensive actions  the enemy force was defeated, however, this significant victory was gained at a huge cost - 40 thousand laid down lives and broken destinies. According to historical records, only 5 thousand out of them were officially recognized as victims in those battles, however, at the memorial of the steading of Vysokiy there are minted even less - 1.5 thousand names. The rest of them is still considered missing.
For many years consecutive the searchers of NGO “Union “People's Memory” have been fighting a losing battle with obscurity. Every time during search expeditions at the places of fierce battles they find the remains of the deceased and their personal things. The most precious finding is, of course, a medallion by means of which one can identify the soldier, and, consequently, return him home, even after 72 years of oblivion. The year of 2016 was no exception. 
On the 5th of August with the participation of representatives of local authorities, the public representatives and searchers at the steading of Vysokiy there took place a solemn opening of the current Memory Watch called “Search expedition “Liberation of Krivbass 1944-2016”. The national Anthem of Ukraine, a minute of silence, short speeches of the leadership representatives of  NGO “Union “People's Memory” and guests of the event, and the members of the expedition came back to their camp, because the work is not waiting. 
This year among those who will be looking for “a piece of news from the past” are 60 searchers. Among them are 27 school children from Krivoy Roh, the Department of the search organization “Poisk Dnepr”, representatives of Kiev search party “Obelisk”, as well as several members of the current war in the East of our country. Ahead there awaits them a lot of painstaking and grueling work, but, however, they got used to field conditions of living in the camp, here there is one team, one system. They are all devoted to this extremely important cause, they are united by one and the same goal – to explore, find and return everyone.
The current expedition is made with support of the State service for war veterans and ATO participants.