Members of “Union “National Memory” transmited exhibits to the museum" Battle for Kiev in 1943"

Among them there are Soviet and German tanks’ remains and military parts of "Mercedes" car. All of them have direct relevance to the battles for the Ukrainian capital rescue.
Transfer of unique exhibits, which had lain in the ground since the Second World War, was held during the celebrations on the occasion of Kiev liberation from the fascist German aggressors.
Thanks to the searchers, the exposition of the National Museum "Battle for Kyiv in 1943» temporarily has replenished by sides and remains of the T-34\76 tank armors (which deceased with the crew in autumn 1943 in Zhytomyrskaya region), the frame of the German car "Mercedes" and parts from German Tank T-IV and TV ( «Panther"). Special attention was given to the German tank T-IV maquette, which was decided to place in front of the museum, near the memorial, which is dedicated to peace.
 The program was attended by the head of the UPO "Union "National Memory" Yaroslav Zhilkin, representatives of ASO "Obelisk" which is part of  the" Union "National Memory", war veterans and schoolchildren.