More than 100 bodies of Ukrainian fighters can be in the area of Debaltsevo – Zhylkin

More than 100 bodies can be on Debaltseve bridgehead. Yaroslav Zhilkin the head of the Board ВОО "Union "Folk Memory" said it the TV channel "112 Ukraine".


We have removed 159 at yesterday time by our forceswith CIMIC

Today again a group went in a sector "А" and our fallen military will be taken away. Sector"В" is in readiness, now there is a groop too. According to my counts, I can wrong - nobody gives me exact data, but I think, more than 100 bodies (in the district of Debaltsevo) are not found yet”, - Zhilkin declared.

According to Zhilkin, identification of bodies is difficultbecause of lack of documents, that, most likely, areconfiscated by militans, on the chance of they get first to the body.

"More and more people have badges. It made by people selfes or it is old soviet bages, or officers have standard bages. Everyone hasn’t the documents, most likely that the documents areconfiscated by side, which get first to the body. Sometimes militans, whohave served and whocame out from surroundings, come directly to the morgue. They conduct the process of identification, give data - who is it.We write down it all, documenting and give it all tothe authorities, staff, expertise in Dnepropetrovsk, so they conducted a formal process of identification", - said Zhilkin.

We will remind, the mission "Black Tulip" (Evacuation- 200) runs in the area of АТО. It’s purpose is a search and evacuation of bodies of solderswho was killed or lost during the armed conflict on east of the country. A mission started at the beginning of September, 2014 on initiative of project of civil-military collaboration of Department of defense of Ukraine (СІМІC), The National Museum of Military history of Ukraine with bringing in of members of ВОО "Union "Folk Memory". Since the beginning of mission volunteers already have find and evacuate bodies and remains of 313 missing persone.

During a mission, as we reported, constantly there are problems, in particular, transport character. Currently "Black Tulip" dire needs three-four vans for transportation participants of mission and for transporting the bodies.


Mission "Black Tulip" appeals to the natural and artificial persons asking to give for urgent evacuation of our soldiers bodies the transport indicated higher. Do not remain indifferent, the fallen fighters must be taken home!