Near Liman “Black Tulip” discovered the remains of a Kharkov citizen, captured by “DPR” militants

On 14th September, the collaborators of the humanitarian mission “Black Tulip” and humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Evacuation-200” found the place of burial of an unknown person and reported about that to the police.
The corpse was digged in the forest massif beyond Yampol village of Liman district. 
The police officers launched a complex of investigative-operational activities to establish the identity of the deceased. The starting point became two number plates that were discovered under the bones, according to the Main Department of National police in Donetsk region. 
The check revealed that they were from the car “Ford Scorpio” which is registered to a Kharkov citizen, born in 1988. Law enforcement officers checked the vehicle's owner at the all-Ukrainian bases and found out that he had been missing for two years. 
The identity of the deceased is not yet established officially, it requires a number of expert examinations, but within several days the operatives collected a lot of data confirming that it is to the young citizen of Kharkov that the remains belong, and pre-clarified the circumstances under which he deceased.  
The criminal police officers carried out monitoring of the Internet websites, social networks and found the parents of the missing guy.
His mother said that in the morning of 11th June, 2014, her son in his car left Kharkov, he was driving to Seversk town of Bakhmut district to take the family of his friend away from the ATO zone. The last time the parents heard the voice of their son was in the next morning, he called from an unknown number and said that he was in the village of Yampol because the car had broken down. After that he did not try to get in touch. 
Parents were searching for their son by all means, addressed  the volunteers who are engaged in the search of the missing in the ATO zone and liberation of prisoners, haunted thresholds of “DPR”, but everything was to no avail. The only thing they managed to learn from the locals was that he had been “detained” by the militants at the checkpoint.    
To identify the body after its being in the ground for two years is impossible, but parents say that the shoes were similar to those worn by their son. Besides, according to the forensic expert, the age of the deceased coincides with that of the missing guy. For confirming the identity of the deceased there is assigned a molecular genetic analysis and other examinations.  
The police checks all versions of the man's death, one of the main is a murder committed by the members of illegal armed groups.  Now the police determine the social circle of the young man, his connections, restore his way on minutes, find people the deceased man contacted with on the way, and who could see him at the last moments of life. There are being checked previously convicted persons, militants and their accomplices who were detained in this district.