Ten days at the other side of the world: the participants of Mission «Evacuation-200» were taken 70 military bodies

Works were carried out from February 20 to March 1.

Before us - Lugansk morgue. This building is located on the territory of the local central hospital. Admissions Office, if it can be called, is a small waiting room, decorated with white plastic. No doors. Before entering into waiting room, on the right side is a wooden box, chipped zinc sheets. Beside him - an ordinary coffin covered mourning maroon and black satin. In the nose hit the sharp smell of chlorine, this is interrupted by the smell of rotting bodies. They are in the same waiting room. They are lie in black bags on the some old shabby, blood-soaked carpet.

This is the so-called "cargo-200". It will be taken out the territory controlled by Ukrainian military. Next, the investigating authorities, hopefully, they establish the identity of the soldiers and the goods cease to be impersonal. The guys went home and buried by all the canons and traditions. This is the work of volunteers participating in the humanitarian mission "Evacuation-200."

- At first, take this burnt body and drag in the car, - tells the short-cut stern and strong male nurse with a cold and indifferent glance.

- Maybe we put him on top of the others? He is without a bag! – we consult with him.

However, our words are perceived as disobedience and using his status, medic in the form of an order inviting us to pass on to the morgue:

- Took the body bags and go behind me. Let's quickly!

- After going through anteroom, we enter the narrow corridor with yellow walls. Dim light, a lot of apparel torn on the tiled floor - long brown-red footprints drawing bodies. Here bring bodies from the war. Next - a large room, similar to conventional surgery. But there is no surgical instruments and medical equipment. At the center of the room – is stone table and a long rubber hose connected to the water supply.

- Take these two, pack your bags and take out from here. No conditions for work! Made a transshipment point! - swears orderly.

- They are ordinary volunteers, Sergey! Calm down! - pulls he suddenly appeared thin man in a pale green scrubs and a gauze bandage.

Orderly Sergei, felt guilty and helps us to load the bags bodies of two boys. I can’t believe that they're dead. Just sleep in this awful, cold room, smelling of death - they are no visible trace of injury. By the way, signs of shrapnel wounds we still found when loading bodies into our van...

- I don’t know what you think about us, what power do you support, but you're doing the right thing. Sorry if I offended you, - says Serge orderly. His eyes become noticeably moist, maybe from the flown wind lifted the dust around the waiting room, or from something else ...

We're going to base. Ahead - hideously broken roads, 150 kilometers of shaking, numerous checkpoints and superstitious views frightened soldiers who are trying not to look at the sign of our van "Cargo 200". And they don’t cross the road in front of our car. They say it - unfortunately...

Our rotation continued 10 days. Body, mortuaries, grief and horror. Once, we even got into a minefield. Accidentally. Took away the body after a fierce battle. Go on a field near stretches the army board "Ural". Multi-ton machine suddenly turns around and shout one of the military: - All stand, boys, here mine!

Group stopped immediately. We were silent. Personally, I thought that a rapid beat of my heart is heard all around. One of the attendants carefully slumped to barely noticeable anti-tank mine, lying in the mud slush.

- Guys, stand back on the wake of the truck. God with us! - Ordered the tall officer oriental appearance. The whole group of ten people like stealthy cats went back to the starting point. Fortunately, we came without any problems. Driver "Ural" further 15 minutes squatting and smoking - in his mind what could happen to us on a mine field ...

On the way home thinking about nameless crosses that appear faster in cemeteries. This is shouldn’t be, it is not normal, this is wild. In the end - it's not fair to people who are sent to war.

A team of volunteers worked in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. In total, we were able to evacuate the bodies of 60 Ukrainian soldiers. Some had documents or homemade chips, which include personal data fighters. All the body transferred to the investigating authorities. It is terribly and scary. Volunteers from previous rotations were told that they were heard phone, which ring in one of the bags. It was in the morgue. Medics undid the bag and got CellPhones. Call came from a caller stored in the phonebook as "Mother"...

I want to believe that every mother still live to see his son alive and healthy. Nothing personal, nothing politics. God grant that it all ended as quickly as possible...