There were found the remains. So what...

The scandal in Odessa region: a local resident has found the remains of a soldier in his yard, and the authorities do not even know what to do with them.
Interesting and quite an unusual story happened to the resident of Troitskoye village of Odessa region: the person was doing repair works at his house land plot and accidentally discovered human remains. One should say that the man proved to be right-minded, he immediately called the police and informed about this finding.
The policemen came to the call without delay. They inspected the land plot and  the finding itself. They limited themselves to drawing up formal papers and that was all. What to do with the remains, whom they should be given away, they did not know. 
One could suppose that the new-made cops would sound the alarm, put the local authorities on their toes with the aim of solving the matter of the transfer of the remains. But, actually, nothing of the kind: the case was decided to cover up, having left the man alone with his problem. So to say, that is not their headache. And the person had to solve this nonstandard rebus on his own. Fortunately, at hand turned out to be the Internet. It is thankfully to it that our, without exaggeration, hero went to the website of NGO “Union “People's Memory” where he learned about the existence of special hotline which is created for such addresses too. 
 At the moment the searchers of NGO “Union “People's Memory” took the situation with the remains under their personal control, that is, they will take all measures to establish the fate of the deceased person and his identity.   
Meanwhile, we would like to remind: if you have any information on places of burial (including in the ATO zone), contact with the administration of website of NGO “Union “People's Memory” or call by this number 800-210-135. 
Also, one can go to the link and fill in the form and send us the information about the burial. Received information will be checked.
You can be sure that this information will be accessible for nobody, but the website moderators and given to nobody, but relatives and institutions which are able to help in searching a person.